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El Salvador borders Honduras and Guatemala, and is the most densely populated country in the Americas. In fact, it's home to 6.3 million people! This means you may well have parcels to send across the miles, whether for personal or business purposes. Before you pop your item in the post, it's wise to be aware of the rules of the country you're sending to. Here's all you need to know about sending parcels to El Salvador.

What items are prohibited?

All countries have their own rules and regulations when it comes to prohibited import items, and El Salvador is no different. Most of the items on the banned list are unremarkable, as they are banned in most countries. However, the inclusion of 'subversive materials' stands out in particular. This means you cannot send anything which could be linked to the idea of overthrowing or destroying the government or anything that is against the country's beliefs.

Other items on the prohibited list include: 

Bearer documents
Ice (wet and dry)
For more information on prohibitions, please check the Correos de El Salvador website.

Addressing parcels to El Salvador

Postcodes can differ hugely from country to country. In El Salvador they consist of four numbers and each refers to something different. The first digit indicates the region, the second is the department and the last two cover the locality/delivery area. Therefore, getting the postcode correct is vital!
Here's an example of how to address a parcel to El Salvador according to the Universal Post Union:
Señora Rina Isabel Peña Borja
Colonia Universitaria Norte #2
Calle Alcaine #29
As you can see, you also need to put the letters CP before the postcode and state the locality name afterwards.
Top tips for packaging your parcel 
With some 5,439 miles between London and El Salvador's capital, San Salvador, it's understandable to have concerns about its safe transit, especially if you're posting something fragile. As long as you package up your item well, though, you should have nothing to fear. Here are some of our top packaging tips:
Don't use old, weak boxes that have already been through the postal system several times
Always make sure your item is well cushioned - it shouldn't be able to move around in the box!
Seal your package using parcel tape and watch out for any gaps
Write the address on the front of the package as clearly as possible
Remove any old postage labels if you're re-using a box or envelope
There you have it - that's all you need to know about sending parcels to El Salvador. If you're not sure on anything or have any other questions for us, please get in touch. We're always happy to help!

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