RWC2015: Congratulation gifts to send to New Zealand

After an emphatic win over Australia in the Rugby World Cup 2015 final, New Zealand are once again the world champions - and the first team in history to retain the Webb Ellis trophy. 
The celebrations will likely go on for some time, and many people will be looking for ways to say congratulations to their friends and family in New Zealand by sending gifts. But what makes a good congratulation gift for a Kiwi? Here are a few suggestions.


There are many Maori traditions, one of which is Koha - the giving of gifts by visitors (manuhiri) to a host marae. There are three gifts traditionally given as presents - especially when visiting a New Zealander's home - and these include chocolate, flowers and books.
New Zealand isn't necessarily known for its chocolate production; although the nation's beloved Whittaker's Chocolate has been around since 1896. For a taste of something different, why not send over something from the UK, such as Cadbury? Fresh flowers are obviously better to order from a florist in New Zealand, but a good hardback book or two will require parcel delivery.

All Blacks merchandise

The homecoming celebrations for the All Blacks national team will be taking place in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington this week, but won't stop when the parade is over. That's why sending over some All Blacks merchandise will be a great gift for rugby fans. 
Everyone will be getting into the spirit of proceedings by putting on their All Blacks gear - why not help your kiwi friends and family celebrate too? Have a browse through the official All Blacks online megastore.

Jaffa Cakes

Did you know that, in New Zealand, a popular sweet is jaffas - small chocolate candies dipped in orange-flavour coating (similar to M&Ms)? Well, here in the UK we have our beloved Jaffa Cakes. Though they're quite inexpensive in the UK, in New Zealand you can only get them in 'exotic food' sections of supermarkets at more costly prices. Why not ship over a few celebratory packets of the delicious snacks?

Gourmet food hampers

Maybe the Jaffa Cakes could be part of a full food hamper. If your family from the UK now live in New Zealand they probably miss the local delicacies easily available to the rest of us. Find out their favourite drinks and snacks (tea drinkers often remain loyal to their favourite brands, for example) and ship them over in a parcel.
Tickets for future Rugby events
The UK was quite a long way for New Zealand fans to travel for the World Cup and, naturally, not everyone could make the trip - both logistically and financially. So why not get your friends or family some tickets for a future rugby event on their home soil? Quarter finalists Wales are visiting next summer, followed by the British and Irish Lions in 2017. To make the gift-giving more special, you could ship the tickets over in a parcel alongside an All Blacks jersey.

Traditional haka costume

One of the highlights of watching any New Zealand rugby game is the haka - the traditional Maori ancestral war cry, dance and challenge. Traditional Maori costume would make the perfect congratulation gift for any kiwi rugby fan.
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