eBay infographic

Britain loves eBay and we’ve put together lots of data that paints a great picture of just how much we love it! 
Did you know that at any one time, there are 30 million items on sale on eBay? That’s potentially a lot of packages being delivered every month, not just here in the UK, but internationally. By head on population, we Brits buy more on eBay than any other country in the world! 

Mobile influence

More interestingly, it’s how we’re using it and that’s what we explore in the second part of our infographic. Around a third of adults use a smartphone when interacting with the online marketplace, but one in ten use it to actually make a purchase. 40% of all eBay sales that occur go through via their mobile app which was launched in September 2008. Within just four years it reached 100 million downloads globally. 

Popular categories

As the biggest bunch for buying on eBay in world, we clearly love our fashion on eBay too with fashion products being the most popular category. Alongside that, we found that Birmingham is the most popular place in the UK for shopping on mobile devices, swiftly followed by south London and Sheffield.
Incredibly there are up to 17 million items sold on eBay per month that could use a courier service to get their goods to the buyer faster and save money by doing so!
eBay infographic


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