iPhone 6: What can we expect?

Last year Apple revealed the iPhone 5S and 5C models - offering small, simple updates on the iPhone 5. As such, the next iteration of the phenomenally popular iPhone brand is set be the biggest yet. As one of the biggest selling mobile devices on the market, the iPhone is an internationally recognised moniker and the pressure is on for Apple to deliver a smartphone that reaches the next level, especially with rivals Samsung and Google hot on its heels.

So, what exactly do we know - if anything - about the notoriously secretive company's forthcoming reveal?

Release date

We're reaching the time of year where iPhone rumours reach fever pitch. In fact, macrumours.com suggests the iPhone 6 - which remains shrouded in mystery and rumour - could debut as soon as September 9. Elsewhere, the Mirror claims a 'leaked' report outlines a September 19 debut.

Another source believes the iPhone 6 could be delayed into 2015, or at least one version of it. After allegedly facing issues with its new in-cell touchscreen panel (as well as colour unevenness on the device's metal casing) a 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 may not be revealed until 2015, leaving a smaller 4.7-inch model to make its debut this autumn.

In any case, it is likely we'll see some sort of announcement this year, judging by past reveals by Apple. The firm hasn't missed an annual announcement since the first generation iPhone in June 2007, so any delayed reveal would be a huge anomaly.


Thinner bezels; tapered, rounded edges; a scratch-resistant screen; an even thinner frame; elongated volume/mute buttons and a power button that's been shifted from the top of the device to the right-hand side are just a few of the mooted changes to the iPhone's design.

Another design rumour is the inclusion of Sapphire glass as part of the screen. As a "nearly indestructible" material, it is likely the iPhone will utilise sapphire glass to help prevent cracks, scratches and breaks. Noted technology YouTuber Marques Brownlee claims to have acquired a 4.7-inch iPhone front facia straight from the production line; see for yourself if it's the real deal.

Processor, battery and storage

Last month saw Chinese site CNBeta claim Apple's new processor for the iPhone 6 will be called the A8 - a step up from Apple's current 64-bit A7 processor. While the A8 won't increase the amount of CPU cores used, it could clock in at over 2GHz; a significant improvement on the 1.3GHz showcased by the A7.

Elsewhere, the iPhone 6 is believed to ship with a 2,100mAh battery - a significant increase on the current offering of 1,560mAh. While this is still a drop compared to rivals like the LG G3 and HTC One M8, it is thought Apple's renowned hardware and software optimisation will boost its battery power.

One surprise is the reported omission of a 16GB model. Numerous reports suggest the iPhone 5's standard storage sizes will be 32GB and 64GB, with the 5.5-inch screen version allegedly coming in a supreme 128GB version as well.

Overall, this could be one of the biggest launches in Apple's history. All eyes are firmly on the tech giant, so its famously dedicated consumers expect the company to be on its A-game. Will it deliver?

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