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Waterproofing and Packaging your parcel - 09/11/2016

With winter nearly upon us, it’s the perfect time to start waterproofing your parcels and thinking about taking extra care with your packaging.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How are they different? - 14/10/2016

Find out when Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall this year and discover the difference between the two.


Ipostparcels: making life a little easier for the UK’s small business owners - 24/05/2015

Despite having had to navigate through some difficult years recently, the UK is once again thriving as a hotbed of entrepreneurialism.


Copyright considerations for Etsy sellers - 14/04/2016

You know those incredible trinket-filled 'junk' shops you find down backstreets when you're on holiday? The ones with shelves, boxes and rails full of one-of-a-kind items you've never seen before.


Parcel delivery best practice: Everything you need to know -15/03/2016

Sending a parcel might seem like a pretty simple thing to do, but things do inevitably go wrong every now and then. Parcels can be confiscated, damaged or even lost in transit - all to the frustration of you and the intended recipient. 

Business overheads: Physical vs online - 02/03/16

With the British economy back on the up and optimism growing, new businesses are cropping up everywhere; around 600,000 of them per year, in fact - many of them in the retail industry. 


New Years resolution for your business - 14/01/2016

With 2015 now firmly in the past, the world is looking ahead to this year with fresh optimism. This is true not only for individuals hoping to get healthy, wealthy and tobacco-free, but also for businesses.

Happy returns: Making it through the post-Christmas period unscathed - 11/01/2016

When it comes to Christmas, few place more importance in present-giving than us Brits. One study predicted the average shopper's spending total to be around the £500 mark in 2015, with a per-gift price of £36 - higher than anywhere else in Europe.


Free gifts and leaflets: Ideas to make your parcel contents stand out - 20/11/2015

Everyone likes receiving a package through the mail. It could be an exciting new gadget that you ordered from China two months ago and assumed would never arrive, or a gift you weren't expecting in the first place.


Free gifts and leaflets: Ideas to make your parcel contents stand out - 27/11/2015

Everyone likes receiving a package through the mail. It could be an exciting new gadget that you ordered from China two months ago and assumed would never arrive, or a gift you weren't expecting in the first place.


The online retailer's dictionary - A glossary of terms - 20/09/2015

As an online retailer, especially a small business, the terms you come across when setting up and running your online store can boggle the mind.


The laws, rules and regulations that govern online selling - 20/08/2015

Setting up a website or online shop is pretty simple. The advances in technology and growing popularity of online shopping, combined with competitive parcel delivery rates, have all made online selling anyone's game.

Small business finance: Where can you turn?- 09/08/2015

With 2014 a record year for new business registrations, it appears people across the UK are in full entrepreneurial spirit. When the internet makes it so easy to get up and running, it's not difficult to see why.


How do I market my online business? - 15/07/2015

As a small business it can be difficult to know where to start when marketing your brand online.


How to make your packaging stand out - 29/06/2015

Studies show the average Brit spends close to £2,000 online every year - about £600 more than the Australians occupying second place.

How to save money on your packaging - 19/06/2015

Helping keep costs down on your overall shipping fees enables you to stay competitive, especially in an arena like eBay where these prices can make or break a purchase.


Top 10 ecommerce plugins for WordPress - 25/05/2015

If you have chosen WordPress as your website CMS over perhaps Magento or Shopify, you're going to need an ecommerce plugin to turn your site into a fully functioning web shop.

The ten best e-commerce platforms for small businesses - 15/05/2015

The internet has revolutionised retail. No longer are aspiring entrepreneurs required to invest big before they can display and sell their wares.


How do bank holidays affect the e-retail world? - 30/04/2015

In order to be successful in the fickle and fast-moving world of e-commerce, businesses must be prepared for every peak and trough.

How to calculate shipping costs for your small business - 15/04/2015

For small businesses, calculating shipping rates is a key consideration when setting up a website or online shop. 


"Should I ship globally?" - 31/03/2015

Whether or not to ship globally is often a prominent question for small businesses and online sellers. International shipping can seem a huge undertaking, full of pitfalls, causing many sellers to avoid it completely.

Online vs physical - what to think about when opening a store - 19/3/2015

There can be a lot to take on board when stepping out into the world of retail, and sometimes the biggest decision in today's technological era is whether to open a physical bricks-and-mortar store, or a digital-only shop.


Levelling the playing field – How small suppliers can compete with larger brands - 15/2/2015

The advent of the internet has brought about great changes for small businesses. Combined with the instant benefits offered by social media, retail start-ups need no longer be held at the behest of larger firms to get their products in front of customers.

A guide to postage and packaging for craftware - 10/02/2015

So you've set up shop on Etsy, eBay or Handmade at Amazon, you've uploaded your carefully chosen photos and created item descriptions, and are now ready to sell your crafty wares.


Christmas for small businesses: A chance to shine - 12/12/2014

For many smaller businesses, Christmas isn't just about capitalising on an opportunity to boost profits - it's an essential part of survival.


Alternative lending: Funding your business without the bank's help - 18/11/2014

 New services and approaches are emerging regularly to fill the gaps left by the high street banks, which entrepreneurs can use to their advantage. Here are just a few options.


Intellectual property - a guide for small businesses - 17/10/2014

Intellectual property law can seem like a bit of minefield for small business owners, especially when just starting out. In truth, however, it's an area well worth being clued up on


Top tips for starting a small business - 29/09/2014

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs across the country are choosing now to turn their business dreams into realities. When so much is at stake, though, getting it right first time is crucial. The following tips should help to ensure that is the case.



Playing the popularity game on eBay - 27/08/2014

When buying or selling on eBay, it pays to be popular. Whether you're one of the dominant sellers in a certain sub-category or well-known as a reliable, quick buyer, eBay users both stand and fall on their reputation

What is Facebay? The rise of social media in ecommerce - 19/08/2014

With social media potentially increasing sale values, it shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that these sites are making a significant impact in ecommerce.


The eBay Alternatives: The Online Markets To Watch Out For - 24/07/2014

No longer are sellers bound to sell their wares on a generalist marketplace like eBay when there are more than a handful of specialist websites - from arts and crafts to fashion - that may prove to be more lucrative for both parties.


The Benefits Of Using a Courier with Local Depots - 18/06/2014

Are the amount of depots a courier has a key difference? Find out the advantages there may be for the couriers with local depots.

Advanced eBay tips: How to turn the Contact Seller function into a major asset - 17/06/2014

Contacting the seller is a great way to resolve any questions and eBay's 'Contact Seller' button can actually be turned into a major asset in an eBay sellers' arsenal. Here's how you can do it.


Advanced eBay tips: How to use the Buy It Now option to its full potential - 28/05/2014

Buy It Now has become as ingrained a part of eBay as the auctions upon which it first made its name. Despite this, some prolific eBay users have still not quite managed to get to grips with the feature, or decided it doesn't quite suit their needs. To think this, however, is to discard some of the huge opportunities that Buy it Now could offer.

A retailer's guide to cutting postage and packaging costs - 14/05/2014

When you're a small retailer competing against huge companies like Amazon, it's not easy to get shipping costs right. Here are some tips on how you can cut down your postage and packaging costs, so you can reduce the amount of non-converting customers.


Advanced eBay tips: are you using all the features available to maximise success? - 29/04/2014

eBay fully recognises the importance of being able to cater for professional or at least semi-professional sellers and has laid out a few useful tools to help them strike the big bucks! Here's what you need to know...

Gap year gifts: What should I send to Australia? - 14/04/2014

With 100,000 Brits moving to Australia every year chances are you know someone who's out there! But what should you send them to remind them of back home?

Advanced eBay tips: how should the changing seasons affect your sales strategy? - 05/04/2014

Consumer behaviour changes constantly throughout the year so it makes sense to adapt your approach accordingly. With this in mind, here are some tips...


Ten heartfelt gifts for Mother's Day - 20/03/2014

Having to give gifts not just on Mother's Day but also birthdays and Christmas can sometimes leave the creativity reserves running dry. But, there are plenty of options for more heartfelt gifts that also provide a departure from the norm.


Advanced eBay Tips: How to harnes trends in entertainment - 23/02/2014

Trends are a big part of successful eBay trading and without following them, you're unlikely to make much real progress. How can the entertainment industry help you?


Exporting Products - A Beginners Guide for Start-ups and SME's - 28/01/2014

Exporting is an involved process and there are many factors to take into consideration, but once you know the basics, it's not too difficult. It's certainly an avenue that is worth exploring. Here's our beginner's guide to exporting products.


Advanced eBay tips: how to optimise your store for search engines - 23/12/2013

The likelihood is that when someone wants to buy something specifically, they'll search the whole web and not just eBay. For this reason, it's very important to make sure your eBay shop is optimised for search engines.

25 Christmas gift ideas for children and young relatives - 13/12/12013

stuck for ideas? You're forgiven. Tastes and interests among the younger generation may have changed a little since your own sleepless nights on Christmas Eve, so we'll give you 25 - yes, 25 - suggestions to get you started.



A guide for selling rare or limited edition trainers online - 28/11/2013

There is a huge market for rare trainers, so can be quite an enticing business with which to get involved, but there are a few considerations which need to be addressed in order to start off on the right foot.



How to turn your eBay earnings into a full time business - 29/10/2013

eBay is among the most popular of ecommerce sites, having been responsible for a huge number of part-timers becoming fully-fledged retailers in just a matter of months. So what is needed to turn eBaying in your spare time into a full occupation?

A guide to postage and packaging for electrical products - 02/10/2013

It is possible to package your valuable electrical items in such a way that will ensure they are as secure as they possibly can be, which will hopefully save you from a lot of heartbreak.



A Guide to Packaging and Postage in the Mobile Phone Industry - 23/09/2013 

The mobile phone market continues to grow at an exponential rate. No longer are we using this hand-held gadget solely to make calls; we use it to control our life. 

Advanced eBay Tips: How to Become a Preferred Seller on Competitive Items - 19/09/2013

The benefits of becoming a Top-rated seller on eBay are vast and only expanding with every month of growth for the flourishing global ecommerce sector. 

How to Avoid Problems When Sending Parcels Abraod - 13/09/2013

When sending goods abroad, most people are naturally a little bit anxious that their parcel will reach its intended recipient  unblemished, in one piece or even at all. How can you avoid problems when sending your parcel abroad?  

How to Send A Fragile Item Without It Getting Broken - 11/09/2013

If life boasts a more delicate process than the packaging of a fragile item, I'm sure we'd all love to hear it. It's natural to ponder the likelihood of a fragile item travelling from one place to another without falling apart.

How parcel delivery works: The history of international shipping - 01/09/2013

International shipping is a term used to describe all types of postage, irrespective of type of vessel used; however, it was originally coined international shipping because mail was of course, delivered exclusively by ship.

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