How to use eBay without Royal Mail

What on earth did we do before eBay? How else did we manage to find obscure curios, out of print LPs or genuine 1950s petticoats? Let alone make money from items we would otherwise have thrown away.

Yes, the online auction site has revolutionised our shopping habits and even led to some savvy individuals creating their own web-based retail businesses. If you are looking for a badger-shaped teapot at short notice, you know exactly where to head.

One of the most frustrating parts of using eBay, however, is the whole delivery process. The pricing, the queuing at the post office, the seemingly never-ending delivery times. What happens if the item doesn't arrive within the specified time frame? Or worse, it doesn't arrive at all? Unsurprisingly, a huge proportion of complaints are filed under this heading.

Fortunately, when selling items on eBay, sellers can choose from many delivery companies, they don't necessarily need to stick with Royal Mail. Here's are a few tips for using an alternative parcel courier:

Read the testimonials

Any reputable parcel courier will either clearly display feedback from satisfied clients or happily pass details on to you, so that you may check the company's credentials yourself. Always do some research and find out about other people's experiences of using your prospective postal partner. It'll be worth the effort.


It's inevitable that all postal companies will operate different pricing structures; don't assume that one-size-fits-all. It's important, therefore, that you understand your chosen company's structure before adding postage prices to your eBay listings. If buyers think that you are making money from upping the postage, however unintentionally, it's likely that your seller status will affected.

Check the details on its website or speak to someone to make sure the figures you quote are correct. Most couriers will provide a reasonable quote very quickly and be able to help you with packaging, should you need the guidance.

Delivery times

It's all very well to tell your buyer that the product will reach them within 24 hours, but can your courier service oblige? Again, double check their availability and delivery times. Ideally, a company which has branches dotted around the country would be preferable, as this would reduce collection times and get your item to the recipient within the time-scales you promised.

Is there a dedicated eBay service?

Some parcel firms offer a dedicated eBay service, recognising the nature of the transactions made and importance of keeping promises, thus sellers and buyers can rest assured that the item will be transported safely, with care. What's more, it doesn't matter how big or heavy the item is, the firm will have adequate transport options.

Next time you're selling on eBay, don't think that you need to go down the usual postal channels, there are plenty to choose from. Pick the right one and your seller's feedback is sure to be 'A++++'.

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