How sellers can capitalise on World Cup 2014

How sellers can capitalise on World Cup 2014

When it comes to huge levels of excitement, swashbuckling entertainment and the ability to draw a crowd, there really is nothing quite like the World Cup.
It's been almost four years since South Africa waved goodbye to the tournament in 2010 and Brazil's hosting of one of the most prestigious events in the sporting calendar is all set to get under way.
The World Cup will officially kick off on June 12 with the host's match against Croatia, but sellers are already preparing for what could turn out to be a bumper summer for business when the tournament comes around.
Experienced retailers are more than familiar with the concept of 'World Cup fever' and how it impacts consumers from around the globe, so expect to see big brands pulling out all the stops when the ball starts rolling.
Still, even if you don't know your Rooneys from your Ronaldos, rest assured, there's still plenty of time to read up about the benefits of selling products over the course of the tournament. Here's a few things you might want to bear in mind...

Get social

One of the keys to effective retail is timing, and sellers looking to piggyback on the lure of the World Cup should ensure they're more than aware of when everything takes place.
An opening ceremony will commence prior to the first game on June 12, so expect plenty of businesses to capitalise on the millions of people tuning in with their postings on social media. If you're a small seller and use the likes of Twitter and Facebook to promote your business, this is the time to start working that keyboard!
Alternatively you could wait until the Brazil game to really get going with your social activity, or start with England's match against Italy on June 14. Our boys go on to play Uruguay on June 19 and Costa Rica on June 24, so either should be a good chance to tie social messages in with your own products.

The early bird catches the worm

If you've got a retro jersey or a similar piece of memorabilia that may attract a few more bids while the whole planet is engulfed in World Cup fever, don't wait until the first match to sell it.
Couch potatoes and pub regulars will want their shirts to arrive way before the matches start, just to get them in the mood for what's about to come.
Start your auctions for around two weeks before the tournament kicks off (May 29) and watch the bids swarm in.

Capture the elation

If England manage to do the unthinkable and progress through to the knockout stages (commencing Saturday June 28), be sure to reward your customers for sticking with their team.
World Cup fever have transformed into full-blown frenzy by this point. Launch your discounts in the couple of days leading up to a big match and promise to reward the crowd if their side wins again.
It doesn't even have to be England - if you've got a Russian, German, or even Ghanaian-themed item to sell, keep tabs of how the national side is getting on and sell your gear in the days before they play.

Look for the links

If you don't have anything football-related to sell, don't worry. An online auction listing for anything party-themed or otherwise should have a few notes about how great it would be for celebrating the World Cup. If you're really confident about its link to the tournament, mention the 'World Cup' or 'Brazil 2014' in your title for increased search traffic.
The only thing to remember is that World Cup fever only lasts a few weeks every four years. The event brings great joy to the world and encourages people to celebrate - it's an opportunity that cannot be missed!

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