How can you tell if an item will sell well on eBay?

eBay is a fantastic website, on which thousands of people have been able to set up a small business and make a steady income. Many more users have managed to make a useful amount of cash selling unwanted items to other users on a one-off basis.
The beauty of eBay is that it's really easy to use. Sellers can put products up for auction in a matter of minutes and the process of paying for items you've won is really simple too.
There are a few tips and tricks which can help ensure that you make decent money from all of your sales, but they only really work on items that are known to sell well.
Here's a brief guide to working out which items tend to sell well on eBay.

Have a good browse

Before selling an item on eBay, it's arguably crucial to browse similar items already being sold on the website. On a few of the most similar items, take a note of the item title, the starting price and the details included in the description. Also note down what sort of price they are asking for their parcel delivery service, whether they have set a reserve price or a 'Buy it Now' price. All this information will be important when it comes to selling the product yourself.
Most importantly, make sure to click the 'Add to Watch List' button so that you can monitor which products sell the best. If the products all sell for a price that you'd be happy to receive for your own item, then this would suggest that demand for this type of product is high. Provided you copy the strategy used by these sellers, your product should hopefully sell for a similar price.  

What if these products sell poorly? 

If the products on your Watch List sell for a low price or fail to sell at all, this suggests that demand for that type of product isn't too high. In this case, it's recommended that you set your starting price at a level which you'd be happy to receive at the end of an auction. This protects you from the possibility of only one person bidding on your item and taking it away at a low price. This advice stands also stands true if you are planning on selling a rare item which no other sellers have listed. 

Starting an eBay business

Plenty of eBay users make a tidy profit by buying or making items in bulk and then selling them individually at inflated prices. Those planning on doing this would be well advised to check out eBay's Pulse service or third-party services like, which provide an overview of the best-selling items on eBay.
By following these tips, you could be making money on eBay within days.  

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