5 Signs an item will sell well on eBay - 15/04/2014

It's helpful to know when a particular item is likely to appeal to the millions of people who trawl ebay for bargains and collectables. Paying attention to the following factors can certainly be useful.

Do you send people gifts at easter? - 09/04/2014

What is Easter protocol? Is it acceptable to send gifts? If so, what sort of items can you give? The short answer is yes, of course you may send gifts to your loved ones. Here are a few ideas..


How sellers can capitalise on World Cup 2014 - 27/03/2014

Experienced retailers are more than familiar with the concept of 'World Cup fever' and how it impacts consumers from around the globe. Here's a few things you might want to bear in mind...

What is Carl Icahn's attack on eBay all about? - 08/03/2014

On Wednesday February 5, activist investor Carl Icahn launched a scathing attack on Britain's favourite online auction site, eBay. But what exactly was it all about?


Are SME's set for a bountiful 2014? - 28/02/2014

2014 will arguably be the year of the comeback for Britain's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Various reports and studies show significantly increased positivity amongst such organisations.

Which products were popular on eBay in January? - 23/02/2014

January is a popular month for online shopping. What were eBay buyers really buying in January though? Here's what was particularly popular on the site last month.


What do people usually give each other at Chinese New Year? - 28/01/2014

There are many different traditions that take place both before and after the Chinese New Year, including the gifting of money and small presents. Here our guide so that you know how to prepare for the Chinese New Year.

eBay in 2014: What Does The Future Hold? - 26/01/2014

The internet auction giant impressively managed to maintain its huge success without having to drastically change to its model. Of course, the odd adjustments here and there are inevitable, so how will eBay look to get ahead in 2014?

How would an independent Scotland impact postage? - 17/01/2014

The year of the Scottish Independence Referendum has arrived. By the end of 2014, Scotland could have full devolution from the United Kingdom. This will mean many things for many industries, how might it affect postage specifically? 


Unwanted gifts: Should you turn to eBay? - 23/12/2013

What can you do with the inevitably unwanted gifts from Christmas - and the other presents that you are really grateful, but that you know someone else could appreciate much more? There's one clear answer - get them on eBay!   

Alternatives to eBay - which other online marketplaces can you explore? - 17/12/2013

If you have something to sell online you don't have to go with eBay. It may be one of the most popular choices but there are a wide variety of alternatives- so lets take a look.

Become a delivery driver - supplement your part-time business - 13/12/2013

Many people work part time to fit around their lifestyle or individual needs. Those who do so may find that their circumstances change and they need a little more money - especially around the expensive festive period.


The Royal Mail IPO - after the dust has settled - 28/11/2013

Now dust has settled it will be easier to see just what implications the sale has had on one of Britain's most famous creations.

When is the final date for posting Christmas presents in 2013? - 21/11/2013

With many people having family and friends scattered around the country, or even the world, it is important to know when is the latest possible date to send Christmas presents.

How should I amend my eBay listings around Christmas time? - 15/11/2013

There are certain selling methods which can improve your eBay selling success over Christmas. Here are five tips to help you rake in some festive dough.


Four alternatives if you cannot get to the post office to send a parcel - 30/10/2013

In this era of long hours and hard work there are constantly times when getting to the post office is just not feasible - so how do you get that parcel out of the door in time? 

How to turn your eBay earnings into a full time business - 22/10/2013

eBay is among the most popular of these sites, having been responsible for a huge number of part-timers becoming fully-fledged retailers in just a matter of months. So what is needed to turn eBaying in your spare time into a full occupation?

What should you do if you don't receive a parcel from a retailer? - 16/10/2013

The number of packages being delivered by online retailers in the UK is growing all the time. The majority of these packages are delivered with great efficiency, but sometimes a customer's expectations might not be met.

Is eBay the best platform for the modern entrepreneur? - 01/10/2013

Critics argue that the trading platform has become saturated and that smaller retailers and start-ups have been squeezed out of the marketplace. So is eBay still a viable platform for the modern entrepreneur?


How to write the perfect eBay description - 24/09/2013

You may have already have plans to sell a number of items on eBay and you may have even already found the perfect eBay courier, but with all of the millions of items currently for sale on eBay, it can be hard to make your particular item stand out.

Royal Mail: What will happen in the aftermath of the sale? - 23/09/2013

When Vince Cable announced that the Royal Mail was set to be privatised, fears were raised over how the Post Office would be affected as a result.

Why do local depots make a difference for courier firms? - 21/09/2014

Not offering local depots courier firms could be missing out on myriad customer service benefits, as well as the option to expand into a much larger, more competitive enterprise.

How can you tell if an item will sell well on eBay? - 19/09/2013

eBay is a fantastic website, on which thousands of people have been able to set up a small business and make a steady income.  

How Can I Tell How Much a Parcel Will Cost to Deliver? - 16/09/2013

When you're trying to work out how much a parcel will cost to send not only does the courier company you choose have an impact, but the type of parcel you're sending and how you want it delivered.

Why don't parcels get delivered on Sunday? - 14/09/2013

For many working people out there, a Sunday is one of their only days off, so it may be strange that on the whole, many companies don't tend to deliver on Sundays.

International Shipping: What Security Precautions Apply? - 12/09/2013

International shipping requires a much more involved approach than its domestic counterpart. Waybills, prohibitions and customs checks mean that exporters will need to make sure their processes are top notch.

Royal Mail - How Will Privatisation Affect Its Services? - 09/09/2013

Business secretary Vince Cable has confirmed the government's intention to float the Royal Mail on the London Stock Exchange, making it a privately-owned company after some 20 years.

How to use eBay without Royal Mail - 05/09/2013

When selling items on eBay, sellers can choose from many delivery companies, they don't necessarily need to stick with Royal Mail. Here's are a few tips for using an alternative parcel courier:

Click & Collect - The Rise of Convience - 02/09/2013

The UK has well and truly adopted the click and collect culture. Now, almost anything can be purchased at the click of a button and consumers can go to pick it up at their own convenience


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