Gap year infographic

Who wants to grow up? No one really and we Brits are leading the pack when it comes to globetrotting. While back packing round the world can be seen as a way to postpone getting a job and avoid university lectures, it’s actually an incredibly beneficial experience that has a positive impact on employability and academic work - just check out the stats below.

The rise of the gap year

An average 7% of UCAS applicants choose to defer their university spot to instead take a gap year. Therefore it is definitely an increasingly common rite of passage for many youngsters, allowing them to make the most of their youthful spirit before later facing a sharp thud back down to earth with whopping £9,000 a year tuition fees.
A recent survey discovered that 75% of over-35s wished they had travelled more when they were younger, so it’s clearly not an opportunity to pass up.

Living out of a backpack

Quite plainly, it’s not that easy and care packages from family at home are really helpful when exploring the globe. So go find yourself, but keep us up to date so we know where to send your latest parcel of board shorts and dreadlock wax!


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