Famous million milestones

Have you heard the news? Earlier this month, UKMail fulfilled its one millionth order. That's one million parcels picked up from and delivered to destinations around the UK and across the world. If that's not something to shout about, we don't know what is!
To celebrate, we thought we'd take a look some other famous million milestones, a couple of which you might be familiar with.

The Rolling Stones play to one million

Live music events take place every day in the UK's venues, but rarely do a million people turn up to watch. That's what happened in 2006 when British rock veterans The Rolling Stones took to the stage on Rio de Janeiro's famous
Copacabana Beach. People from across Brazil and the world gathered to make one of the biggest ever concert audiences ever recorded.
The stage from which Jagger and co played their classic hits was as high as a seven-storey building and had a dedicated walkway to the band's hotel. Despite the gig's size, entry was free.

England's first £1 million footballer

With footballers regularly moving between clubs for fees in excess of £30 million these days, £1 million won't get you much. This hasn't always been the case, though - just ask Trevor Francis. In February 1979, the then-24-year-old striker became the most expensive player in British footballing history when he was signed by Nottingham Forest for a fee of just over £1 million.
At the time, the signing was enough to shock the game's followers. Nowadays, the same amount of money will pay Wayne Rooney's wages for just one month!

Bill Haley & His Comets rock to one million sales

Many of us take online retailers and download stores like iTunes for granted these days, but it hasn't always been so easy to buy music. That's what makes Bill Haley & His Comets' achievement all the more impressive. In 1954, the American group released '(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock' and just a few months later, it became the first single in British music history to sell a million copies.
The song went on to sell a further 400,000 copies and its status as a rock and roll classic was cemented.

EBay trader breaks one million feedback barrier

Here's one with which you may be able to relate. Even in the online shopping age, great customer service is vital ingredient of success. This is something Jack Sheng knows very well, as he became the first ever eBay user to achieve a feedback score of one million. The milestone was reached back in 2008, eight years after Jack registered his account. Within 18 months, however, he had doubled it to two million.
In recognition of his achievement, eBay designed a special 'Shooting Star' icon for Jack's profile and even named a conference room at its HQ in his honour.
So there you have it - four fantastically famous million milestones. As for us, we have no intention of stopping here; we'll continue offering great delivery services and fantastic prices for many years to come. We'll start planning the two-million milestones article now then shall we?!

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