Click and Collect - The Rise of Convenience

The UK has well and truly adopted the click and collect culture. Now, almost anything can be purchased at the click of a button and consumers can go to pick it up at their own convenience. Practically every company is doing it and it's easy to see why, as there's a continually growing demand for services like this that make consumers’ lives so much easier.


Everyone in business has heard the term "the customer is always right" and while there may be some disagreements on whether or not that may be true, no one can deny that business is, and should be, all about the customer. Click and collect services fulfil that criteria. He or she can purchase something online and then go to collect it at a time that is convenient for them. Sometimes firm will even use click and collect services where they will pick up an item from a customer's house.

Essentially, click and collect allows consumers to have flexibility, so if they do need to buy something but won't be able to get into town until much later in the day, they can reserve the item - knowing that it's not going to sell out and it will be ready, waiting for them when they go to pick it up. This peace of mind means a lot to customers.


With so many businesses offering click and collect services, consumers now have a bigger choice than ever when it comes to choosing a retailer or service provider. This means that companies are constantly competing to provide the best service possible, meaning greater customer satisfaction. In addition, customers can now purchase almost anything using click and collect, giving them a bigger choice of products than ever before.


We all know that click and collect is a popular choice for day-to-day purchases, but it's also a surprisingly popular choice at busier times of year too. The Christmas 2012 Online Shopping Survey Report revealed that 40 per cent of online Christmas sales involved a click and collect service of some kind. It makes sense, as many customers don't want to face the long queues that are bound to be occurring in the high street. With click and collect, they can buy what they want before it sells out and then pick it up when the queues have died down.

Postal services which run a click and collect service will also likely see a rush of customers at Christmas too, as many people will be wanting to send presents to friends and family members, but won't have time - or want to spare the time - to queue at the post office. It is the same concept, but in a different context.

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