Alternatives to eBay - which other online marketplaces can you explore?

If you have something to sell online, or even wish to open up your own online shop, you don't have to go with eBay. It may be one of the most popular choices but there are a wide variety of alternatives, some specialist and some generalist - like eBay. Which website you choose is down to what you have to sell and how much in fees you're willing to pay - so it's best to look into a wide variety of choices.


Etsy is a specialist site aimed at those who make their own items, as well as those who love to sell vintage items. It's perfect for budding artists and antique dealers who don't want to pay too much in terms of listing fees. You only have to pay a few pennies to list an item and Etsy takes 3.5 per cent of the product's selling price when someone buys it. If you love making handmade items, even if it's just the odd item or you want to make a side business out of it, Etsy is ideal and very popular.

ASOS Marketplace

If you're a fashion lover and looking for something more specific than Etsy, ASOS Marketplace is a great option. Those selling individual items can list items for nothing and ASOS only take five per cent of the sale price, some of which goes to charity. Alternatively, if you want to set up your own boutique, you can do that too but you'll have to pay £20 a month for the privilege and a huge 20 per cent of the sale price will be taken by ASOS.

Sell My Retro

Those with a garage full of old video games and computers might want to check out Sell My Retro, which is dedicated to those who love everything retro. If you can bear to part with your old ZX Spectrum, it's better to stick it on here rather than eBay, as you're more likely to find those specialist buyers you want to attract. Listing is free and they charge a small fee once the item has sold. Much like eBay, items can be sold at auction with or without a 'buy it now' price. You can also set up a store on the site for just £5 a month, which also gets you 50 per cent off final sales fees.


Gumtree isn't a specialist website but it's ideal for anyone who doesn't want to pay any fees at all. It's the best place to go if you want to advertise for free, as it is incredibly popular. All the website does is host your advert, then interested buyers get in contact with you to arrange a sale price and a time to collect the item. For this reason it's great for large items, such as old furniture you need to get rid off, as you won't be required to deliver it. Although you set a sale price, you can expect people to try to barter with you, making it a very different website from eBay.
As you can see, there are a whole hosts of different websites you can sell with - some more expensive than others. It's best to do your research first to ensure you're putting your items on the right site, but it's good to know that you don't have to stick with eBay. After all, eBay isn't a specialist website, so you might not be attracting the best audience possible.

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