UK parcel delivery prices from £1.99
exc VAT £2.39 inc VAT
International parcel delivery prices from £8.74
exc VAT £10.49 inc VAT
- Maximum of 23cm x 33cm x 5cm
- Maximum of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm
No single dimension exceeds 35cm
No single dimension exceeds 45cm
No single dimension exceeds 60cm
- Maximum of 70cm x 70cm x 70cm
- Maximum of 120cm x 50cm x 50cm
- Maximum of 140cm x 35cm x 35cm
No single dimension exceeds 80cm
Kg × × cm

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UK & Ireland


Parcel delivery prices

(As from November 2015)

ipostparcels pricing is calculated in real time using the UK Mail Group delivery zone system, the size and weight of your parcel affects the cost plus any additional services you book at the time of order. Some additional services are chargeable, others are standard and therefore free, such as standard extended liability cover and pre delivery advice when a signature is requested from the recipient. The different zones determine the price you pay, as it's all based on where your parcel is collected from and where it is going to.

Prices for identical bookings may change from one booking to another over time, this is for a number of reasons, and the main one is the fluctuation in fuel costs, one of the biggest costs incurred in parcel delivery.

What’s included?

When you choose to send a parcel with us the following comes as standard.
Free Collection From Home Or Work                        
Free £25 Cover - This Can Be Upgraded 
Free Online Parcel Tracking   
Save £1.25 By Dropping Your Parcel Off At One Of Our 50+ Depots
5 Star Rated Courier Service       
Delivery Notifications For You And Recipient      
Timed Next Day Delivery
£4 Additional Charge for Saturday Delivery
£1 Discount on extra parcels 
We now offer a new Depot to Depot service £1.99 exc. VAT £2.39 inc. VAT
Add a signature for only £1.50

Our prices start from just £1.99+VAT and we're the cheapest in the UK for next day collection and delivery. You can get a quick quote online.

Parcel sizes

X Small Parcel X-Small Parcel Weight: Up to 2kg 
Size: Either maximum of 23cm x 33cm x 5cm or maximum of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm
Examples: Mobile phone, watch, DVD, small book, t-shirt 
£3.99 + VAT
More information
Small Parcel Delivery Small Parcel Weight: Up to 5kg 
Size: Cannot exceed 35cm in any dimension
Examples: Shoes, large book, tablet
£6.15 + VAT
More information
Medium Parcel Delivery Medium Parcel Weight: Up to 10kg 
Size: Cannot exceed 45cm in any dimension
Examples: Laptop, large jacket
£6.99 + VAT
More information
Large Parcel Delivery Large Parcel Weight: Up to 15kg 
Size: Cannot exceed 60cm in any dimension
Examples: Computer monitor, microwave, printer
£7.99 + VAT
More information
Medium Parcel Delivery XL Parcel Weight: Up to 20kg 
Size: Either maximum of 70cm x 70cm x 70cm or maximum of 120cm x 50cm x 50cm or
maximum of 140cm x 35cm x 35cm
Examples: Small TV, kettle bell, speakers
£9.99 + VAT
More information
Medium Parcel Delivery XXL Parcel Weight: Up to 25kg 
Size: Cannot exceed 80cm in any dimension
Examples: Large TV, flat pack furniture
£10.99 + VAT
More information

Low cost & convenient for any size parcel

Simply enter your details online, and our drivers will come to your home or office to collect your parcel for next day delivery. Cheap parcel delivery starting from just £1.99 exc VAT.
Once our driver has collected your parcel and finished his collections for the day he will return to your local depot where your parcel will be sorted and transported over night to the relevant depot closest to the delivery location, where it will go out for delivery that very morning. 
Our aim is to offer you a great value for money service regardless of what size parcel you are sending, we have set prices for different size parcels ranging from X-Small parcels to XX-Large parcels, its important you stick within our maxium dimensions as anything larger may not be collected, or could result in delays.

Cheap International Parcel Delivery

Our international parcel delivery prices are also some of the best you can hope to find, we now deliver to over 160 worldwide locations, so if you're an ebayer who needs a parcel sent over sea's or sending a birthday present to someone abroad you can be sure we will give you a quote you will like. For a quick quote simply click the international tab on the above quote box and fill in the relevant details.
One of our most popular destinations for parcel delivery is USA, prices start from just £12.07. Followed by Australia, where you can send a parcel across the world from just £18.17.
The journey for an international parcel always begins at our new main HQ depot near Coventry, it is sorted by countries in a tight security area before it is loaded into one of our trucks. 

Save time and money with top ups

If you find yourself sending regular parcels our top up accounts could be perfect for you, not only can you get up to £35 off but the booking process is sped up as you dont need to enter payment details meaning you can send parcels quicker and cheaper.

Please note

It is important to ensure your item is packaged correctly to avoid any delays or damages. Please take a look at our Packaging Guide and Prohibited Items for advice and tips.

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Please note if you do not select the “signature required” delivery option, UKMail will not be liable should your items be subsequently lost or damaged after the delivery (see clause 11.7 of the Terms & Conditions). *We define a “Parcel” as a package with dimensions up to 80cm x 80cm x 80cm and a weight of up to 25kg.

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