Do you send people gifts at Easter?

Easter is one of those significant cultural events which has been snatched by corporations and turned into a marketer's dream. The plethora of gaudy chocolate eggs on show in every shop has detracted from the old traditions and made it hard for some to gauge what's appropriate at this time of year, especially if they hail from outside the UK.

What is Easter protocol? Is it acceptable to send gifts? If so, what sort of items can you give? The short answer is yes, of course you may send gifts to your loved ones. Here are a few ideas:

Decorations for the home

Some people like to decorate their homes for Easter, perhaps with fluffy yellow chicks and pastel-pink tulips, or by generously sprinkling egg-shaped goodies around the home. Ergo, a pretty decoration might be a nice idea for a gift. Choose between an Easter wreath or painted wooden eggs that can be strung up with ribbons. In fact, anything egg or chicken-shaped is sure to be a winner - such as funky egg cups or a chick-shaped mug; there are lots of things to choose from.


Sales of greetings cards are dwindling overall, just ask purveyors of Christmas cards. However, at this time of year, the shop shelves will be crammed with Easter cards, mostly emblazoned in yellow and green springtime scenes. Easter, being a time of renewal, is a nice time to wish people happiness for the future - a happy sentiment and perfect to put in a card. They're also really easy to post!

Baked goods

Hot cross buns and simnel cakes are traditional Easter foods, each possessing religious symbolism while being extremely delicious. It's possible to buy such delights as part of an Easter hamper or simply to mail your own, though they would require some comprehensive packaging to prevent any squishing. If sending baked goods, it might be a good idea to take them over yourself, as you cannot always send perishable goods via post/courier.


Naturally, the egg signifies resurrection. While Easter eggs might once have been simple, decorated bird's eggs, they are now more often extravagant, decadent chocolate varieties. Some families will spend Easter Saturday painting eggs - a delicate and precarious practice. However, most people simply enjoy eating them on Easter Sunday, indicating the end of the Lenten fasting. Easter eggs are very fragile; so make sure your treat does not get damaged en route!

Should you send an Easter gift? It's entirely up to you, but it's bound to be warmly received. Just make sure it gets there unbroken!

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