ipostparcels Stamps Down on Parcel Prices

Small online retailers, eBayers and consumers alike have today received a boost from ipostparcels who have lowered their prices to increase market share in this growth market. Ipostparcels, part of UK Mail the Midlands based parcels and logistics company, announced today they have lowered their prices on their consumer website ipostparcels.com.

Next day collect & delivery service reduced by 50p

The online next day collection and delivery service, ipostparcels, has applied a 50p reduction across all five parcel sizes and distance zones, making them the cheapest next day parcel service in the UK.

The repositioned pricing structure comes after a review of the market place and as a response to research predicts a 12% increase in online retailing. With more eBay businesses and small e-tailers competing in the online space a recent study by Royal Mail shows that 49% of small retailers said key challenges for 2013 are pricing goods competitively and building customer loyalty to drive repeat purchases from existing customers (36 per cent).  In response to the challenges one quarter of SME retailers will be focusing on improved delivery and returns processes.

UK Mail’s CEO, Guy Buswell, said “We want to be able to offer our customers attractive services and prices, so therefore after a review of the market place and with studies showing home businesses and small retailers are on the rise we decided to make substantial price cuts to provide an even better offering to our customers. Our lowest price for next day delivery is £4.49 making ipostparcels the cheapest in the UK as well as the cheapest for extra-large deliveries; this will allow us to strengthen our competitiveness in the market as well as enabling smaller online businesses to have a professional yet affordable delivery service”

Parcel delivery from £3.49

The new pricing structure that went live today at 7am will see ipostparcels’ 2-3 day service lower to £3.49 whilst their standard next day service is reduced to £4.49.

UK Mail Launched ipostparcels an online next day collection and delivery service back in 2011 to serve the consumer, eBay and SME market. The service doesn’t require customers to have a minimum shipping volume and can be used as an ad hoc service with all collections and deliveries going through parent company UK Mail’s network.

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