What you need to know about sending parcels to American Samoa

With a booming tourist industry; American Samoa's is unique in that it is one hundred per cent locally owned and operated. With busy airports flying internationally to Hawaii and Samoa, great shipping connections to New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Hawaii and the US mainland, the Territory has a flourishing business sector.

Prohibited items

In addition to regular items banned from the mail, American Samoa has a fairly long list of prohibited items which may not enter the territory. This includes many foods; meat (even if dried or canned), unprepared fish and fish eggs, fruits and vegetables are all on the list. Agricultural elements such as plants, seeds, soil and animals pests are also banned. For those wishing to send an alcoholic tipple beware; the spirit Absinthe is prohibited unless it is free from the substance thujone.

Products made from endangered species will be seized, along with dog and cat fur, and leather souvenirs imported from Hawaii, such as drums. Antiques carry certain restrictions, which extends to cultural artefacts from the Byzantine and Pre-Columbian period. It's also the case for Khmer sculptures, although these may be imported with the correct permissions. It is also worth noting that, as an American Territory, certain countries carry embargoes, meaning items from these countries may not be permitted. This includes Iran, Cuba, Myanmar and Sudan.

In addition, hazardous materials such as fireworks, uncertified toys and health hazards cannot be sent. This includes narcotics and medications containing prohibited substances. As with many other countries articles, infringing trade and copyright regulations, traitorous material or that deemed to be inciting political agitation are prohibited.

Customs documents

As with all territories outside of the European Union, the correct customs documentation must be completed and attached to your parcel. There are a few different documents depending on the cost of your package. If the contents are worth £270 or less, then the CN22 form will do the trick, however if it's worth more you'll need to fill out a CN23.

Remember, it's the sender's responsibility to complete the correct forms. If you're unable to locate the appropriate forms, ipostparcels can use the information you give us during the booking stage to complete it for you.

Packaging for the journey

Closer to the islands of Fiji than America, your parcel will have to travel almost halfway around the world to reach its destination. Therefore it's important to package it well to ensure the contents are guarded against any potential bumps in the long journey. Wrap any fragile items in bubblewrap or tissue and make sure all edges of the box or padded envelope are taped down with a strong parcel tape. Write the address clearly on the front with AMERICAN SAMOA in capitals, then you're ready to wave 'la manuia le malaga' to your parcel!

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