UK parcel delivery prices from £1.99
exc VAT £2.39 inc VAT
International parcel delivery prices from £8.74
exc VAT £10.49 inc VAT
- Maximum of 23cm x 33cm x 5cm
- Maximum of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm
No single dimension exceeds 35cm
No single dimension exceeds 45cm
No single dimension exceeds 60cm
- Maximum of 70cm x 70cm x 70cm
- Maximum of 120cm x 50cm x 50cm
- Maximum of 140cm x 35cm x 35cm
No single dimension exceeds 80cm
Kg × × cm

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We ship to over 160 worldwide destinations and our pricing is calculated using the volumetric calculation. The size and weight of your parcel affects the cost plus any additional services you book at the time of order. The different forms of international parcel delivery, whether its road or air, will also determine the price you pay.

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Volumetric Weight

The volumetric weight of a parcel is: its length x width x height in centimetres (cm) divided by 5000

If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of the parcel then our policy will be to price the parcel according to the volumetric weight.

Regardless of what size your parcel is, the booking system will work it out for you when you enter your parcels weight & dimensions.

Please note 

It is important to ensure your item is packaged correctly to avoid any delays or damages. Please take a look at our Packaging Guide for advice and tips. It is also imperative that you check our prohibited items before sending Internationally.

There are many rules and regulations when sending Internationally including who can send and receive an International shipment. A procedure called Denied Party Screening takes place to identify whether an individual or entity is subject to any sanctions imposed by the UN, EU, US or another relevant authority. It is prohibited for us to transport shipments on behalf of or to these individuals. For more information, please see the Norsk website.

Duties and taxes may apply when you send shipments outside the EU. To find out more, see our Understanding Taxes and Duties page.

If are you sending shipments to Iran or Syria, you need to attach a signed Indemnity Letter. This is since the UN has enforced sanctions on all shipments going to these countries. You can find the document here.

As of 24/02/2014 all shipments being forwarded to Bahrain over the value of 100.00usd must be accompanied with a Certificate of Origin. Any shipments that arrive over this value without a COO will be charged a penalty fee by customs.

If you are the manufacture, please provide the Certificate of Origin as per normal procedures. If you are not, you will need to obtain one from the manufacture. This applies to all goods including personal effects to allow this to ship to Bahrain.

Important Information For International Invoices

Standard procedure of details required on an invoice for international deliveries:

  • All invoices must be typed and not written. 5 copies will print out with your label. If you experience any difficulties with this, please contact us
  • The invoice must state the full shippers/ exporters name and address. In most cases, this will be the details for yourself.
  • There must be a full breakdown of what is being sent and a value per item with a total.
  • All invoice images must be of good quality to ensure an excellent image for the destinations customs to use.
  •  All sections of the invoice MUST be completed.
  • All details on the waybill (label) & invoice must match.
  • If you are VAT registered and are sending the parcel outside of the EU, it must be EORI registered with HMRC. You will need to  contact the HMRC helpline on 0845 010 9000 who will be able to direct you regarding the registration process.
  •  If you are not VAT registered or a business you will need to enter GBUNREG on the invoice as the VAT number.
  • The invoice must state a buyer with a Norway/ Switzerland address with full name (Initials are unacceptable).
  • For parcels being sent to Brazil, the Cadastro Pessoa Fisica (CPF/ Tax ID) must be typed on the invoice in the consignee/ recipients details section.
  • All copies of the invoice must be securely fixed to the parcel.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in unnecessary delays and/ or the return of the consignment at an extra cost which will be beyond our control.

International Parcel Delivery
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Please note if you do not select the “signature required” delivery option, UKMail will not be liable should your items be subsequently lost or damaged after the delivery (see clause 11.7 of the Terms & Conditions). *We define a “Parcel” as a package with dimensions up to 80cm x 80cm x 80cm and a weight of up to 25kg.

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