Customer Case Studies

Below you will find some case studies of our current customers. We have made these to show you the benefits using our courier service can bring to your business or even if you are just an eBay trader.

Just Soaps Case Study

See how we helped Just Soaps with all their courier needs! Just Soaps was formed back in 2006 after Jane Weiss started to make an olive oil soap without any chemical additives or preservatives for her granddaughter who developed severe Eczema. Jane soon found mothers of her granddaughter’s friends were all asking for some soap which she was giving away.

eBay Seller Case Study

See how we helped this eBay seller keep his customers happy! Michael Baron has been an eBay trader for the last six months, selling second hand goods including items such as kitchen appliances. Michael understood that in order to be recognised on eBay he needed to get positive ratings to build his reputation and customer loyalty.

Dirty Dog Rugby

Dirty Dog Rugby was formed by two brothers (Chris & Iain Jones) 15 months ago. Having never really used any service other than Royal Mail, Dirty Dog Rugby was unaware of the services available to them. As the business grew and the parcels became larger and more frequent they required a more cost effective way to deliver their product to the customer.

The Gorgeous Company

The Gorgeous Company was founded in 2010 by Vija & Quentin Mackay. The company needed an affordable, yet reliable parcel delivery company to accommodate the high number of orders especially for their large parcels both nationally and internationally.

Ali’s Craft Studio

Ali’s Craft Studio was born from a lifelong love of crafts and artistic creativity back in 2007 with a starting point of selling hand painted stained glass effect window clings to customers at craft fairs initially. From having very little need for parcel services, this need increased dramatically over the past couple of years and whilst the business probably still has a lower usage than some, sending these items via Royal Mail was just not an option based on pricing and reliability.

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